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A variety of yoga classes are offered each week at a variety of times. Currently we offer hatha, vinyasa, kripalu, chair, sky styx, & transitional. All levels, from beginners to advanced students, are welcome. A single class drop-in price, as well as multiple class pass options & an unlimited monthly option are available.

Yoga is a system of living that is designed to promote peace of mind, deeper awareness of ourselves, and a healthy body.

Hatha yoga concentrates on physical health and mental well-being. Hatha uses bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana) to bring about a sound body and clear, peaceful mind. Hatha intends to balance opposing parts of the body through stretching and alignment asanas. In Hatha yoga, practitioners usually hold a posture as little as 5 breaths and up to 10 or more. (This class is on hold for Summer 2018.)

Vinyasa is the linking of breath to movement. Vinyasa yoga classes tend to move more quickly than Hatha classes, as there tends to be more movement of the body with each exhale and inhale. Some asanas may be held for a longer period of time.

Kripalu is the compassionate yoga where an environment of acceptance and safety are created. The union of body, mind, and spirit are experienced through class structure of centering, breath awareness, warm-ups, a series of postures and a time of rest. The class aims to meet students where they are.

Chair with Sky Styx is a very accessible form of yoga as it is done in a seat and is easy for all levels. It is perfect for those with limited range of motion, or for those who find certain traditional yoga postures challenging. This class uses Sky Styx for approximately half the class to help add stability, strength, and flexibility in the upper body, while increasing the range of motion attainable.

Sky Styx strengthens the core and extremities without straining the joints, tendons, ligaments or muscles. The practice helps unwrap chronic tightness in the fascia. The Sky Styx gives the student support in pressing down and lifting up, lightening the load when bending the knees, and acting with the body as another limb during balancing.

Transitional yoga allows the ever-changing body to explore itself intuitively at every moment. Transitional yoga encourages new awareness of the body's movements using the components of traditional asanas. Benefits include increased alignment, breath control, core strengthening and self care.

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